A smart slate for smart people.

A digital state for smart phones.

Short film production is where I spend all my spare time and money, I love the film making process, and this app is a response to that passion.

Keep it simple.

SYNCSLATE differences from the other highly competent existing apps in one fundamental way, the interface is designed to be vertical and uncluttered, and the app offers some additional features & utilities.

When I am in production, I want convenient tools that save me time and keep my crew small. I need a copy of the script/screenplay, a shot list, a slate, a stopwatch, a shot log and some camera utilities e.g. a focus pattern, RGB swatch & White Screen. Oh yes, and I always forget to take still photos, so that would be nice to have too.

Beta Warning!

Beta testers wanted.

This app will be developed for the iOS platform once the initial release has been thoroughly tested on the Android Operating System, it is currently only intended for small format screens i.e. NO TABLET TESTING HAS BEEN UNDERTAKEN. This will come, when I can afford a tablet.

So ... do you feel lucky?

One device does not make a market. Please people, help me make a market, and in return I will be very happy to reward your efforts. Here is the deal ... you run the app on your device, shoot a short film, send me feedback and some video clips of the app in production plus a link to your finished video and I promise you an unlimited usage licence for that device. First come, first serve policy applies.

Android Market

Current Version: 1.0.4-rc1 Change Log

  • added 1k-40mS-tone audio tone alternative audio file
  • fixed long click behaviour, affects cell actions & extra tags
  • added "fingerprint" to trigger slate from top left corner
  • updated camera utilities & gallery (complete re-write)
  • updated extended the beta trial period
  • Desktop
  • Homepage
  • Slate & Stopwatch
  • Screenplay
  • Prefs
  • Focus Pattern
  • Focus Pattern